Installations / Exhibitions

Every year from May to October, La Petit Escalère offers a venue dedicated to modern and contemporary sculpture and exhibits works by major modern artists, or invites a contemporary artist to install one or several works on the property. Through these exhibitions, La Petit Escalère wants to create a dialogue between the garden’s collection and other works, practices and views, that have influenced, are currently influencing, or will influence, the

history of sculpture. These bridges between past and future not only allow to experience our permanent collection differently, but also to discover or rediscover artists and works under a new light and within a different context, thus opening doors to other ways of understanding, thinking and experimenting contemporary sculpture.


Installations / Exhibitions Edith Derdyk at La Petite Escalère Season 2017
As part of its yearly series of modern and contemporary outdoor installations, La Petite Escalère has invited Brazilian artist Edith ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions Asier Mendizabal at La Petite EscalèreLa chaine et la trame (Urritza), 2016 2016 Season
As part of its yearly series of modern and contemporary outdoor installations, La Petite Escalère has invited Spanish Basque ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions Pascal Convert at La Petite Escalère June - November 2015
LPE is pleased to present two works by French artist Pascal Convert : two stumps, one made of wood ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions The Rocailles Art School of Biarritz at La Petite Escalère June 5th, 2015
Opening reception of the exhibition « Le jardin des Rocailles » Friday, June 5th 2015, 5PM to 8:30PM, at ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions Katinka BockTomorrow’s Sculpture June 2014 - May 2015
LPE is delighted to present Tomorrow’s Sculpture, an installation by German artist Katinka Bock which was specifically created ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions Aline GheysensMéditations Cycliques August 3 - September 28, 2013
Currently completing her PhD at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles, Aline Gheysens chose to study ... See more
Installations / Exhibitions Cristina IglesiasVegetation Room Season 2012
For its first season, La Petite Escalère is very happy to present an installation by Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias. This work ... See more