Matta,Eramen, collection de La Petite Escalère. Photo (c) Corinne Crabos.

The Collection

“Over the years, Jeannette, Paul and Gilbert turned the cornfields into a magical garden. From Léger to Mark di Suvero, Plensa to Chillida…

Today, the secret garden is host to over fifty sculptures. Not meant to only be an impressive list of names, the sculptures are not the garden’s sole attraction. Nature and art mingle in this enchanting environment, creating a symbiotic balance. Roses twist their way around tree trunks up to dizzying heights, becoming as astonishing as a beautiful Calder stabile-mobile. The tender leaves of a young oak push through the bronze branches of a Matta tree.

And the empty spaces of the large steel structure conceived by Oteiza disappear in the long grass. .”*

*Excerpt from “Jardin Secret” a text by Dominique Haim published in Carnet nº1 of La Petite Escalère 2011.