Edith Derdyk

Edith Derdyk in her studio. Photo Beto Riginik pour Artsy.



Born in 1955, visual artist Edith Derdyk lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Her work was the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In 2017, she is selected for the prestigious Marcantonio Vilaça Award.


In Edith Derdyk’s work, it all starts with the line–drawn, stitched, stretched in the space or in book pages. For the artist, the line is more than “being a contour that defines territories and form”, it is “an event in space”*.

Very early in her career, she started using the line as a physical element, sewing and interlacing threads and lines on paper, transforming her drawings into 3D experiments with white or black cotton thread as main material.
She goes further, creating site-specific installations in which she stitches together architectural elements–walls, ceilings–and more recently natural elements–trees, branches, stumps. Each of those installations requires kilometers of thread that the artist pulls in repetitive and methodical back-and-forth until the materialization of a three-dimensional drawing, scratched, etched in space.

* “In the Studio with Veteran São Paulo Artist Edith Derdyk”, Artsy, 4/10/2015.