Aline Gheysens, Méditation cyclique nº294, tirage argentique, 40 x 40 cm, édition de 7 exemplaires.

Aline GheysensMéditations Cycliques

Installations / Exhibitions - August 3 - September 28, 2013

Currently completing her PhD at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles, Aline Gheysens chose to study La Petite Escalère and the topic of the garden as autobiography. Between theory and practice, her research is fueled by an artistic exploration that will be presented this summer through the exhibition Méditations cycliques, a series of about thirty photographs taken at La Petite Escalère between March 2010 and April 2012.

Aline Gheysens about Méditations cycliques:

“Dry, deaf colors, brightness, vegetal voracity, marbled water, dense water, electrical sky, warm sky cold soil, subtle reflections, complete reflections, new born ferns, vanished ferns; the photographs presented at La Petite Escalère form a series of variations around a common theme: my perceptions, over the course of nine seasons and multiple visits, of beauty and time in this garden. Through photography, I want to feel and make others feel how this slightly “unusable” space – although it is submitted to the same seasonal variations, its temporality is independent from the world which surrounds it –  fosters a particular memorial practice through which we can measure our life against “the life around”.

Aline Gheysens was born in Belgium in 1982 and lives in Paris. After studying at the École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels from 2004 to 2009, she pursued her studies at the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles.



Méditations cycliques
August 3rd – September 28th, 2013
Atelier de LPE

August 6th – August 30th, 2013
Fondation Surfrider Europe
Surfrider Art Campus,
33, allée du Moura, 64200 Biarritz