Blackbird nest at La Petite Escalère, 2016.

Bestiary: birds Conversations with Fabienne Raphoz, Franck Ibanez and Julie Chaffort

Conversations - Saturday, May 28, 2016


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After celebrating bees in 2015, « Bestiary », a yearly event dedicated to LPE’s real and imaginary animals, will be devoted to birds.

At this occasion, La Petite Escalère invites, in partnership with literary festival Les Rencontres à Lire de Dax, French poet and publisher Fabienne Raphoz. She will read from the tale anthology L’aile bleue des contes : l’oiseau, that she has published in 2009  José Corti and from her own volumes of poetry Jeux d’oiseaux dans un ciel vide : augures (2011) and Terre sentinelle (2014) published by Swiss publisher Héros-Limite.
Since 1996, Fabienne Raphoz runs with Bertrand Fillaudeau the publishing house José Corti. She created a number of collections, among which the Collection Merveilleux (tales, popular myths and legends), La Série américaine (poetry), and Biophilia, a transdisciplinary collection devoted to the living matter.

La Petite Escalère also welcomes ornithologist Frank Ibanez for a unique presentation. Early on, Franck Ibanez developed a special interest for birdsongs : “What were they saying, why this quaver, this trill, this troubling groan? To enter their privacy by understanding their language, hence their revealed presence, identified in their daily activities.” This is what Franck Ibanez aims to unveil, imitating the “words and speech” of the birds living in the garden and its surroundings.

This afternoon will be Julie Chaffort’s last day at LPE, the occasion to meet the artist-in-residence and learn more about her work and the video she will develop during her stay around the human voice in the natural world.


Saturday, May 28 2016 | 2-6 PM

3-4:30 PM : Reading by Fabienne Raphoz
5-6P M : “The Words and Lyrics of Birds”  – Intervention by Franck Ibanez

With Les Rencontres à Lire de Dax and the café-bookstore la Galupe, Urt.