Christine Crozat, O.F., 2012. Tenique mixte sur papier, 24 x 17 cm.

Christine CrozatVisual Artist

Residencies - Spring 2012

French and Swiss citizen, Christine Crozat lives and works in Lyon, Paris and in the TGV. Visual artist, she works with different medias–drawing, wallpaper, sculpture, photo, installations or videos with French artist Pierre Thomé.
In the spring of 2012, she was invited for a month-long residency at LPE; she describes her experience:

“To rest on the history. To search for the poetry of a new place, to walk around, discover, organize one’s notes. Everyday to cut the roses, to follow the rhythm of the garden of La Petite Escalère. My work has begun…”

Journal double, May 31 – June 11, 2012
La Petite Escalère, Christine Crozat
Visual diary of her stay at LPE

31 mai 2012, Portrait au rouleau de foin

« of 23 »

Pierre Thomé, The Leaf, The Root, The Stem
Carnet #2, éd. La Petite Escalère, 2013.
Around the work developed by Christine Crozat at  LPE

“Over there is the Moura, as infinite as the sea.
An oily sea of ferns.
A restless sea of grasses.
And suddenly the sky.

Here the reflection of the leaves’ shadows in a rectangular patch of light on the workshop wall. Here another window, the camera screen that records the reflection. This dancing reflection, drawn out of its environment, framed, giving it life beyond this moment, outside of this place, the garden, the grounds, outside of La Petite Escalère.”