Graziella Antonini, from the series Alcina V - Naturalité, 2014.

Graziella AntoniniPhotographer

Residencies - Fall 2017

Graziella Antonini has been selected for LPE’s Fall 2017 Residency for fine arts photographers.

The selection committee included Isabelle Darrigrand, photo collector, Marie-Laure Bernadac, museum curator, former head of Contemporary art at the Louvre museum and Dominique Haim, Honorary President of the non-for-profit Fiends of La Petite Escalère. Antonini will spend a month at LPE in October 2017.

“In my work Alcina, I try to accentuate the feeling of an elsewhere, where the truth does not differ any more from the fake and where the misleading appearances awaken our desire of imagination. The time seems to have taken shape in still and enchanted landscapes of which emanates, at the same time, unreal and melancholic atmosphere.
Real or fictional, the journeys, as the memories and the dreams, meld to compose a universe of multiple geographies, where various worlds meet. Suggestion is an important element in the whole of this work, which combines portraits, landscapes, interiors or close-ups of objects.
For me, photography it is to be physically somewhere and somewhere else by thought. This questioning around the notion of mental image is recurring in my work. To make a sensation of reality collide with an undefinable impression of hallucination.
The innate desire of illusion hidden in each of us.”
Graziella Antonini