Carnet de La Petite Escalère #2, 2012. Graphisme A+ Studio

La Petite EscalèrePublication #2

This booklet is the second of a series that explores the history, evolution and activities of La Petite Escalère. The series aspires to be a living memory of the site by providing in each issue a different image of the garden, its many variations and changes over the seasons and years. It aims to tell the story of the people who created La Petite Escalère, to record the visit of those who will discover or admire the garden, as well as to document the creations and thoughts inspired by their visits, encounters and exchanges.

This new volume documents the first year of the residency program developed by the non-for-profit Friends of La Petite Escalère with the support of the French Sate (Cultural Ministry – DRAC Aquitaine) and the Aquitaine Region. Every Spring and Fall, La Petite Escalère invites artists from different disciplines and offers them a perfect setting for research and creation.

In 2012, La Petite Escalère hosted two visual artists, French artist Christine Crozat and Portuguese artist Jorge Santos. The following pages present the images and words they chose to convey their experience of the garden and the work they developed there.