L'Adour from La Petite Escalère. Photo Carolina Penafiel.

Le Flocon à la Vague
8th Odyssey

During 10 days, a dozen of water specialists will follow the Adour river from Gavarnie to Biarritz in order to discover and study the river and witness of the influence of human activity, whether it is positive or negative, on the flow and the inhabitants — humans, animals, or plants — of the Adour bed.

La Petite Escalère, the 7th stop-over for this 8th Odyssey, will be the occasion to stop in the “Barthes” of the Adour river, humid areas playing an essential role in the water cycle and to meet with Serge Airoldi, author of Adour, histoire fleuve, a beautiful essay published in 2013 by Bordeaux-based publisher Le Festin. Since 2009, Du Flocon à la Vague, loi 1901 association recognized as a public interest entity, is committed to bring awareness to the largest audience possible, future generations and professionals about water preservation.



8th Odyssey
Du Flocon à la Vague
Gavarnie – Anglet / Biarritz
May 1-10, 2015