Mélanie Blaison, Sans titre(détail), 2007-2013, papiers trouvés, technique mixte, formats variables. Installation pour Agir dans ce paysage, CIAP Vassivière, 2013. Photo (c) Aurélien Mole.

Mélanie Blaison
Visual Artist

Residencies - Spring 2015

Mélanie Blaison has been selected for LPE’s Spring 2015 Residency, “Around Paper”. The selection committee included María Inés Rodríguez, CAPC / Contemporary art museum of Bordeaux and Marie-Laure Bernadac, museum curator, former head of Contemporary art at the Louvre museum. Blaison will spend a month at LPE in May 2015.

“Paper also as a material : activated, used, rubbed, glued, ripped, cut, turned, erased, folded, archived. Those papers, as a basic documentation, sometime seem to return to their administrative form looking at their arrangement, laid, stacked, filed, stapled papers. Retrieve, find, sort, file, put into order, clean, order, file, is part of the drawing process. Drawing is done through a series of gestures. Found, given papers are sometimes prefered to papers that have been purchased.”
Mélanie Blaison, 2015