Bourdelle, Grand Adam, 1889. Collection La Petite Escalère. Photo Dominique Haim.

Open House Weekend June 24-25, 2017

Open Doors - June 24-25, 2017
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The next Open house weekend at La Petite Escalère will take place on June 24th and 25th, 2017, from 2 to 6 PM.  At this occasion, LPE will propose:

During the whole week-end
LPE Garage

Two videos by Barbara Fecchio for Sculpture Nature, La Petite Escalère’s blog, about Edith Derdyk’s installation at LPE in 2017 et Asier Mendizabal’s in 2016.

Saturday, June 24, 4 PM
Studio, La Petite Escalère

Christine Crozat and Pierre Thomé
L’eau brûle, 2016

In partnership with Les Rencontres à Lire de Dax, La Petite Escalère welcomes author Pierre Thomé and visual artist (and former LPE resident) Christine Crozat to present two of their most recent collaborations: Saison, a group of 8 videos/narrations and introduce L’eau brûle, a book published in November 2016 by Chemin de Fer publishers.
In these echoing book and videos, a couple meets after work around diner preparation. The delicate portrayal of those moments–their words, laughters, aggravation–, the sensuality of the food and its flavors show the construction of love in everyday life.

“Moi ? Jeter des homards dans l’eau bouillante ? C’était au-dessus de mes forces. J’ai décidé d’être toi pour le faire. C’était une façon de m’en sortir et de me venger. Une usurpation d’identité temporaire et gastronomique. C’est toi qui ferais le sale boulot. Pour être toi, je porterais tes attributs. Ceux que tu arborais à ton entrée en scène ce soir même. Tes gants et ta ridicule chapka de fourrure synthétique constitueraient le déguisement.”

Sunday June, 25, 3 PM
Botanical  discovery of the Barthes Region and its Edible Wild plants
With Valérie Fernandez

Valérie Fernandez, botanics teacher at the Armand David agricultural high school in Hasparren, member of the French Institute of Herbalism and head of the local branch Béarn-Pays Basque, will present us with the Barthes region, from the hillside to the Adour banks, introducing us to the wild plants specific to the different natural habitats and their possible use — cooking, medicinal, witchcraft…
Tasting of edible wild plants recipes prepared by Didier Periz from the Galupe restaurant-bookstore in Urt.

In partnership with the Hirigoyen bookstore, Bayonne.

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