Théodora Barat, de la série Les jardins du temps, 2015.

Théodora Barat
Visual Artist

Residencies - Spring 2014

Visual artist Théodora Barat has been selected for the spring 2014 residency by a jury that comprised art historian and museum curator Marie-Laure Bernadac and Toulouse Abattoirs museum director of exhibitions and collections Valentin Rodriguez. Théodora spent 4 weeks at LPE in May 2014.

During her stay, Théodora worked with a class from the Albert Camus middle school in Bayonne. This short movie was shot at LPE with the 15 students for the project “D’un jardin de sculptures à nos sculptures” lead by teacher Gratianne Pardon and visual artist Maritxu Etcheto in partnership with La Petite Escalère and with the financial support by GIP-DSU of Bayonne urban community,of the French Sate (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Aquitaine) and of the DAAC Aquitaine.

Watch another video created during her stay at La Petite Escalère, also available on our blog Sculpture Nature: