Photo (c) Julie Navarro.


The garden of La Petite Escalère is a private property and is therefore closed to the public most of the year, which allows us to host more specific audiences, visitors with special needs, school groups and students.

Visitors with special needs

At La Petite Escalère, one of our missions is to develop an innovative program on art, nature and health specifically designed for sensitive audiences. To fulfill this mission we organize seminars, conferences, symposiums and implement pilot projects conducted by researchers, doctors and special educators.

School Visits

It is also our priority to share the wealth of our collection with local children and to promote cultural and artistic education in the Aquitaine region through educational programs implemented in collaboration with local schools.


Finally, La Petite Escalère’s team collaborates with faculty members and teachers to create programs specifically designed for students in arts, landscaping, horticulture, or art restoration, thus giving them an opportunity to learn as well as to discover new experiences in and through this exceptional setting.

General Public Admissions

Admissions to the general public take place 4 times a year. It is necessary to make advance reservations and sign up in order to attend our “Open House” events such as lectures, concerts, screenings, etc.