Since 2012, La Petite Escalère is developing a research and creation residency program and welcomes multidisciplinary artists several times a year, offering them a privileged setting to work on ongoing or new project. Through the implementation of this program, La Petite Escalère is looking to reach three goals: highlight its natural and cultural heritage, promote and support contemporary national and international artistic creation, and stimulate the regional artistic scene.

This program is made possible by the association Les Amis de La Petite Escalère with the support of the French government (Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine) and the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine. Since 2014, La Petite Escalère is a member of the French federation of artist residencies, Arts en résidence – Réseau National Learn more

Residencies Théodora BaratVisual Artist Spring 2014
Visual artist Théodora Barat has been selected for the spring 2014 residency by a jury that comprised art historian ... See more
Residencies Lancelot HamelinWriter Fall 2013
French writer and playwright Lancelot Hamelin has been selected for the Fall 2013 residency, he spent 3 weeks at LPE in ... See more
Residencies Sarah BahrVisual Artist Spring 2013
Visual artist Sarah Bahr was selected for the Spring 2013 residency, she spent a month at LPE in May-June 2013. Sarah ... See more
Residencies Jorge SantosVisual Artist Fall 2012
Visual artist Jorge Santos was selected for the Fall 2012 residency. The selection committee included Marie-Laure Bernadac, Musée du Louvre and Laurent Boudier, ... See more
Residencies Christine CrozatVisual Artist Spring 2012
French and Swiss citizen, Christine Crozat lives and works in Lyon, Paris and in the TGV. Visual artist, ... See more